Selling Your Home? Do These 8 Things to Get Ready

8 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale

When it’s time to sell a home, preparation can make a big difference in the sales price. It can also greatly affect the speed of the home sale, which can be very important in some cases. Sellers who are relocating, or those who are trying to get into another home and need to sell their current one, really need to be aware of how to sell their home quickly. Price matters, of course, but so do these seven things, which you can do to get your home ready for sale.

Clean, Clean, Clean

A clean home is one that will sell more easily. Buyers see a clean home as one that has been more carefully maintained throughout the years a seller has owned it. When they feel more comfortable about the maintenance, they’re likely to pay more for the house. It could also result in more than one buyer wanting to purchase it, which could raise the price and help it sell faster.

Curb Appeal is a Must

When buyers pull up to a home, they develop an immediate first impression of it. An unkempt yard and peeling paint don’t make a good impression, and they could lead buyers to drive away, even if the inside of the home is beautiful. With that in mind, keeping the yard mowed, addressing the landscaping, and making sure  everything seems fresh and clean really matters.

Updating is Important

If a home needs updates, doing them can raise the price and also attract a buyer more quickly. You don’t have to make everything brand new, but anything that’s really outdated should be freshened up so it looks more modern. Buyers will appreciate an updated home, and even if the ROI is less than the expense, the house could sell faster and more easily because of it.

Colors Should Be Neutral

That room with the bright purple paint? Painting over bright or outdated colors with a soft shade of brown or gray can go a long way toward making buyers more interested. If buyers see a lot of bold colors they have to paint over, they generally don’t view the house as “move-in ready.” That could lead them to walk away, even if the house is in great shape overall.

Pets? That Could Be a Problem

Big dogs, cats, and other pet issues have to be considered. That doesn’t mean people who are selling a home should get rid of their pets, but it does mean they should keep litter boxes very clean, pick up any dog waste from the yard, and ensure that the house smells as fresh as possible at all times. A last minute showing could mean a sale, and the house needs to be ready.

Toys and Other Clutter

Kids want to play, and they often spread their things out into multiple rooms. Reducing the number of toys in the house temporarily and keeping everything picked up can be a hassle, but it’s definitely worth it when trying to sell a home. The neater and cleaner, the better.

Storing Furniture and Bulky Items

Too much clutter in a house can make it seem busy and small, even when it isn’t. You can store your extra furniture, boxes, and other things in a storage unit or at another location until the house is sold, to make the place seem larger and more inviting.

A Place for Everything, and Everything In Its Place

The more organized and efficient a house seems, the more most buyers will like it. By de-cluttering and organizing when preparing to sell, it’s possible to get more buyers through the door and show them just how great your home can really be. That may lead to more money, and can easily lead to a quicker sale of your property.